​​​​Richard Morrison

I have been personally trading for nearly 9 years with concrete returns. Sectors ranging from tech giants like Google down to Medical Marijuana penny stocks.

My expertise is Technical Analysis. I'm the one who teaches students different technical plays to implement in their trades. Our students are our most valuable asset so we are fully committed to exceeding their expectations.

We are daytraders who combined our knowledge to create a modern way for novice traders to learn different techniques to implement in their trades by looking at  certain keys that potentially trigger the market. For example, PEG Ratio, Technical Analysis, Fundamentals or Value Vs Quality

Teaching others how to pick the profitable investments simply by following our step by step formula. With our experience, we will teach you the basic understanding of investing to increase your ROI within a short amount of time by sharpening your trading skills.
Investing can be a challenge especially when you are a novice investor, we've all made plenty of mistakes, but look at mistakes as lessons so you can learn what not to do in the future. We break down the elements step by step with compelling information to give you a broader idea of how trades work perform based off chart patterns, technical analysis, market momentum, etc., Not only will you become a wiser investor, but you will also make money while doing it.

We have personally be trading for a combined total of 19 years, but we all come from different backgrounds which gives us more of an advantage on market pulls.

What does that mean? Different backgrounds give different insights on market activity. So, while I may feel ABC is going to jump from .35 cents to .50 within two hours, my associate may feel differently about this based of more technical patterns. We teach you how to read charts as well so don't worry, we have you covered!

​I know you probably have questions about how we find these stocks, what to look for, and many other questions.

Feel free to contact us directly anytime: info@lucrativestrategy.com 


About Us

​​​Joshua Bryant

​With the combined knowledge and experience in the stock market, we make will make this learning experience as easy as possible for anyone who is interested in learning how to invest.

My expertise is Sentimental Analysis. I measure the market in terms of the attitudes of investors. You will learn more about this and much more after enrollment.

Sarah Madenski

We guarantee effective results following our process. Our reputation and history of successful chart patterns stretches back nearly two decades 

My expertise is in Chart Analysis and breaking down the fundamentals of a stock. We have started this program with much success helping individuals learn the basics about trading as well as the technical side.



The market is hot right now, it's not going to wait and neither should you. Contact Us today.